I’m Clark Vandeventer and I’m the engine behind Major Gifts Fundraiser.  I’m an energetic, enterprising, audacious leader with more than ten years of experience in the fields of fundraising, non-profit management, social entrepreneurship and business development. 2010 United States Congressional Candidate in California’s 23rd Congressional District.  Expert in Moves Management© (registered trademark of the Institute for Charitable Giving). Master at PyroMarketing strategies and creating experiences that inspire customer, donor, and activist evangelists. Innate ability to connect with individuals on a very personal and intimate level.

What does a major gifts consultant do?

    1. I primarily train professional staff of non-profit organizations.
    2. While my primary focus is training, some organizations actually have me accompany their staff on donor visits.  I’ve been a part of more than 1,200 donor meetings so there’s little I haven’t faced!
    3. I also do remote coaching, which means I’m available for conference calls or an ongoing exchange to help you be a more effective fundraiser.

What did I do before I became a major gifts fundraising consultant?

I was the Deputy Director or the Reagan Ranch. From intern to senior employee I spent 10 years with Young America’s Foundation, the organization which now owns and operates former President Ronald Reagan’s home. I played a key role in raising the funds and developing the $20 Million Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara.  Hosted over 500 private visits to Ronald Reagan’s Western White House, his home Rancho del Cielo. Recruited, trained, and supervised key staff positions at the Reagan Ranch Center and worked closely with the Director of the Reagan Ranch and President of Young America’s Foundation.  I contributed to all areas of fundraising effort including major gifts, estate planning, direct mail, special events, donor recognition, donor involvement, working with volunteers, board appointments, and board development.

A broader perspective

I had a great run at the Reagan Ranch.  But over the past few years as a consultant I’ve learned so much about the broader non profit community.  I’ve worked with organizations in the fields of education, veterans affairs, animal refuges, political, religious, and community based.  Some of these organizations have been big–with big budgets and big staffs.  Others have been small–with tiny budgets and tiny staffs.  Some have been well-established.  Others have been start-ups.

My perspective has also been enriched though my own volunteer efforts with non profit organizations.  I now serve on two non profit boards and actively participate in events of a number of other organizations I care about.  I guess you could say I have moved to the other side of the table.  And that has made me a better fundraiser!