My Services

Clark Vandeventer has participated in more than 1,300 individual meetings with donors to non-profit organizations and has raised millions of dollars. What separates Clark from lots of consultants, though, is that he still works every step of the major gift process. Clark has met with his share of philanthropists and he’s asked for lots of big gifts, but unlike a lot of consultants, Clark still does discovery meetings where he’s out trying to build relationships with donors who haven’t yet been qualified as major gifts prospects. That gives Clark the ability to relate — and commiserate — with major gifts officers who are doing those very same things.

Here are some of the consulting services provided by Clark Vandeventer. Above all, Clark is a coach, and he is there to help your organization raise more money, whether that’s done through in-house training, video conferencing, or sending Clark out in the field with your development / advancement staff.

Please contact us for rates and with any additional questions. We can also work with you to put together a custom fit training program for your organization.

Major Gifts Fundraiser 101 Staff Training
What it takes to be a great fundraiser. The basics of Moves Management and relationship based fundraising. How to qualify, cultivate, solicit, and steward donors. Full Day and Multi-Day Trainings available

Major Gifts Fundraiser 101 Video Training (Skype or Google Hangout)
This service is a manager’s answered prayer. Major Gifts Fundraising 101 Video Training is designed for organizations to utilize when they have just hired a new major gifts officer. Your new employee fills out his or her W-2 form and then begins this training. It’s ideal for getting new people up to speed quickly. The video training is modeled after the famous and highly effective Kahn Institute in that it combines watching prepared presentations and then being able to have one-on-one support. Program includes 5 half hour prepared presentations and 5 half hour coaching sessions with Clark.

Major Gifts Officer Video Coaching (Skype or Google Hangout)
This places Clark in the role of mentor to your development/advancement staff. At the beginning of each month, major gifts officers have a video call with Clark to discuss upcoming meetings and plan how to get the most out of those meetings, as well as strategizing next-steps on meetings that have taken place in the past month. Imagine having the benefit of 1,300 individual donor meetings involved in the preparation of every meeting your staff have with supporters of your organization. This service is typically part of an ongoing agreement where coaching sessions are taking place on a monthly basis.

Year-End Review and Year-Ahead Planning (Offered in-house or via video conferencing)
Things we measure get better, things we don’t, won’t. This training offered by Clark is best done in December or January of each year. Clark will walk your staff through a process of identifying their “best days” from the previous year and then asking the question, “How can you have more of those days in the year ahead?”

Field Training
Take advantage of Clark’s experience in more than 1,300 donor meetings but putting him in the living room of your donors. Clark can accompany organizational staff on a donor trip anywhere in the United States (or world!) to meet with your donors. Your staff will see how Clark prepares for each meeting and his post meeting analysis routine. Many organizations will also bring Clark on a donor trip when there’s an especially important meeting.This is a highly practical form of training typically only available to clients who have already utilized either Clark’s in-house or video coaching.

Additional Training Topics (Full Day or Multi-Day Training Programs)

Psychology of Major Gifts Fundraising

Secrets to Closing the Gift and the 4 Magic Questions

Creating Memorable Donor Experiences and Stewardship as Cultivation

The Life of a Major Gifts Fundraiser

Using Goals to Achieve Uncommon Success

Practical Lessons in Major Gifts Fundraising


Hi, I’m Clark. Before we work together, there are some things I think you should know…

What I Do
As a non profit organization you provide a valuable service to your constituency.  You’re doing good.  You’re making a difference in the world.  You’re a world changer.  But you can’t change the world if you can’t keep the lights on.  You have to raise money.  And to raise money you need to make meaningful connections with men and woman who are capable of partnering with you to change the world.  What do I do?  I provide fundraising council.  I’ll help your organization raise more money.  I’m a major gifts coach.

Who I Am
I’ve spent more than ten years in the non profit world and raising money.  I’ve conducted more than 1,300 individual donor meetings.  I’ve raised millions of dollars.  And I believe the money I’ve raised has helped make our world a better place.  When I’m not raising money I’m spending time with my family, working on other projects that excite me, serving my community, and blogging.  I’m also passionate skier and during the winter when I’m not raising money you can usually find me on the slopes!

My Philosophy
I believe that your organization needs more than donors.  You need partners.  Donors give.  Partners give passionately.  Partners are wrapped up in your cause.  Their personal life mission dovetails with the mission of the organization.  Fundraising is about more than getting a meeting and asking for a gift.  That’s part of it.  Asking is essential.  But you’ll never get a gift of the size and magnitude you hope for until a meaningful connection is made.  Your donors are more than wallets with people attached.