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Maybe you are a development director and you’ve been told you need to raise money, but you have no idea where to start. Maybe you are the executive director of an organization with a big idea and a donor base with capacity but don’t you don’t know how to engage them. Maybe you are the founder of an organization and you know you need to raise money, but you’re feeling tired and lost. We’re here for you.

Clark Vandeventer and can get you raising money like never before! We can help you navigate the entire fundraising process, create a system for training your team, help you get more donor meetings, and take the meetings you’re already having to a whole new level. Clark’s 12 Week Major Gifts Fundraising Master Class is a proven method to get you raising more money. It’s not a class to get you thinking, it’s a class to get you doing!

Our mission is to help your organization to raise the money you need to accomplish your mission.

We can provide training and coaching for your staff or we can take a more active role in the managing of your entire major gifts operation.


12 Week Master Class

You need more money. You need more money so you can propel your organization forward and accomplish your important mission. This course is about raising more money. If you’ll simply take the steps that Clark prescribes in this 12 Week Course, you’ll raise more money. You’ll close more gifts. Bigger gifts. This course isn’t simply a collection of fundraising talks. It’s a step-by-step process with one-on-one coaching. Enrollment is open for our next session and spots are limited. Contact us today to reserve your spot.


Online Coaching and training

Are you looking for a trusted guide to help you navigate the major gift process with your prospective donors. Clark has participated in more than 1,700 individual donors, and, unlike many consultants, he still works with donors at every stage of the giving pipeline: discovery, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship. You can meet with Clark in-person or online to regularly review your list of prospective major donors, plan next steps, and chart a course that ends with you closing more gifts and raising more money than ever before. You can work with Clark on a regular, ongoing basis or book him for in-house training sessions.




Are there people giving to your organization at a modest level who have suggested they would be willing to give much more? And you just can’t figure out how to crack that nut? With an innate ability to connect with donors on a personal level, Clark has a gift for going into a meeting and asking the right questions to unlock these gifts. Sometimes there are issues a prospective major donor has with an organization and it’s easier for them to air these issues with a third party than someone who works for the organization. Clark can act as an intermediary between your organization and your prospective major donors to unlock funds and help move your relationship with these donors to a new level.




Since Clark began presenting at seminars he’s developed more than 25 hours of training courses to help professional staff, volunteers, and board members more effectively work with major donors. You can book an entire Major Gifts Fundraising Seminar or invite Clark to be a speaker at your next event. His topics include but are not limited to: Major Gifts Fundraising 101, Closing Gifts (Because Asking Isn’t Enough), Listening the Gift & Asking Strategic Questions, Psychology of Giving, and 12 Steps to Getting Visits. Among other topics, Clark can also speak on the areas of Strategic Planning, Board Development, and Capital Campaigns.



Strategic Planning

To get a million dollar gift you need a million dollar idea. Does your mission and vision excite your donors or have things gotten a little stale? Clark can work with you to develop compelling mission and vision, statements, establish strategic goals, identify and fill staffing needs, and produce a Case Statement (Prospectus) that will make your donors want to stand on their tiptoes to give like they’ve never given before.



Campaign Management

Is your organization about to or already involved in a capital or special campaign to raise money far beyond your annual fundraising needs? Clark can manage the entire process, working with professional staff, board members, and volunteers, as well as meeting with and soliciting prospective major donors. Before you even embark on your campaign Clark can meet with prospective donors to assess the feasibility of your campaign.



From Clark

Make Your Own Opportunities

Hi, I’m Clark Vandeventer. I’m here to help move your organization forward so that you can accomplish your mission. To do that, you need to raise money. There’s a fallacy that I need to address, though, and that’s that the strength of your program will drive good fundraising. Good programs don’t equal good fundraising. Good fundraising equals good fundraising. I’m here to help your organization put together a major donor program and navigate the process of working with major donors. I can train your entire team and get everyone working from the same playbook. Together, we can ensure you have the funds necessary to accomplish your important mission.