From Past Clients

Clark has worked with a wide range of clients; from animal rescue and environmental causes, to political and educational causes. No matter what your organization is trying to accomplish Clark’s methods can help you get there.

“He knows how to manage people, he works very effectively with volunteers and board members, he knows every aspect of fundraising and operating a development office, and best of all — he loves asking for gifts. He’s a star.”

Jerry Panas

Executive Partner of Jerold Panas, Linzy, & Partners, Author of many fundraising books, including MegaGifts, the greatest selling fundraising book of all time., Chairman of the Institute for Charitable Giving

I don’t know anyone better in meetings. Clark taught me the rudiments and then showed me how they work in the field. Clark is my reliable go-to for major gifts coaching. I am doing what I love and doing it well thanks to Clark’s professional mentorship.

David Talbot

Director of Development, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

What impresses me most about Clark Vandeventer is that he’s done this. He doesn’t just talk about fundraising. He’s been in over 1,000 living rooms actually talking with donors.

Bruce Eberle

C.E.O., Eberle Communications Group

As a successful business executive for Welch’s, Coca-Cola, and Balance Bar, I understand the necessity of attracting and hiring strong talent. As President and CEO of Balance Bar, I used this principle to grow the company from $1 million in sales with seven employees in 1995 to $100 million in sales with one hundred employees in 1999. I recognize this type of strong talent in Clark Vandeventer.

Jim Wolfe

Former President & CEO, Balance Bar Company

“Clark Vandeventer is an influencer. Whatever else his abilities–and there are many–he possess and innate ability to influence people.”
-Gary Morais, President, Global Performance Technologies

“He [Clark Vandeventer] is confident and knowledgeable and a super representative for any organization. He certainly made Dorothy and me feel like we were a part of the Foundation very quickly and has impressed several of our friends. I think he will be very successful in any endeavor that may come his way.”
-Roy Billings, Philanthropist

“Clark Vandeventer is a real visionary. Some people are seduced by moderate success but Clark has a special ability to see just beyond the horizon at what could be. Any individual or organization who wants to dream about what could be and then develop a strategy for monumental steps forward should talk to Clark.”
-Mark Larson, Talk Radio Host, KCBQ San Diego

“He [Clark Vandeventer] knows how to get things done. As I’ve watched Clark progress in his career, he has continued to prove that over and over again. Thoughtful and articulate–he’s impressive.”
-Dinesh D’Souza, New York Times Best Selling Author

“This year, I invited Clark to provide training to my staff on the topic of fundraising in the context of developing relationships with friends of IWU. Clark did an excellent job and we have invited him back next spring! “
-Brian Simmons, Vice President, Indiana Wesleyan University

“In working with a small and extremely dedicated development team, our chapter needed a boost to remind us the importance of the marathon in building a culture of philanthropy and service, not just the finish line. We have a responsibility to our community to serve. Clark Vandeventer revived our team’s passion and excitement for what we do every single day — raise funds to help those in need.”
-Jenny Knoderer, Development Specialist, American Red Cross, South East Missouri Chapter