Fundraising Calendar

During this phase, we will lay out the whole year in development. That way we make sure that no important dates or milestones are missed during the year. We will map out large efforts such as quarterly or bi-annual campaigns, block out times for travel to meet with individual donors, and ensure you have enough time in the office to make the methodical development moves before and after trips that will result in larger gifts and a better close ratio.


  • Slot in times for bi-yearly campaigns
  • Develop a strategy for each quarter
  • Have key dates identified for preparation and implementation for Giving Tuesday and End of the Year Appeals
  • Develop multi-channel giving methods for campaigns
  • Stop feeling like you are missing something
  • Know what you are supposed to be doing each week of the year
  • Maximize your special giving day
  • Ensure that donors of all classes are receiving the appropriate touches throughout the year

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