Strategic Fundraising Workshop-In Person

A Strategic Fundraising Workshop is kinda like a seminar, but it is tailored to you. Have you ever gone to a seminar and heard a speaker and you wanted to ask the speaker a hundred questions, but couldn’t? Or, you wanted to ask questions about specific donors, but didn’t want to do that in a public setting? In a Strategic Fundraising Workshop we are going to be honing in on the issues that are most important to where you and your organization are today.

Does your team need a boost? You have big goals to accomplish this year, but at times we just get run down. I have seen it time and again. Clark comes into a call or meeting and the energy level goes way up. He has a real talent for getting people together and energized. I think we can all use that as we come into the last part of the year. If you know Clark personally, you know how high-energy he is. He is great at leading your team on a journey and being a cheerleader for the success of your organization.  

Our in-person 2 day custom workshops include a free development assessment phone consultation- 1 hour consultaion, ahead of the workshop and a report delivered at the workshop that you can give to your board, or boss. Completing the assessment prior to our workshop will help us get even more out of our time together. We are currently  including the Development Assessment Consultation, a $500 value, for free when you book your Strategic Fundraising Workshop.



1-2 Weeks Before Workshop

We will send you a questionnaire to fill out that will help us analyze your development operation. This usually takes about 30 minutes to complete. Once it is complete, we can schedule your 1-hour development assessment consultation. This will take place on Zoom and will help our team get a more complete picture of what your unique challenges are, where you need the most help, and where we think we can make the biggest impact.

Week of Workshop

Typically, a Strategic Fundraising Workshop takes place over two days. Day 1 is a travel day for me. I travel to you, and arrive in time for us to have dinner together. This is a great opportunity for us to break the ice, establish rapport, and talk casually about what we want to accomplish together. Then, Day 2 we’re in your office and digging in for a day of sessions. All of your team together, in-person and troubleshooting your actual issues. It’s going to be great!

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