Messaging & Mini-Campaign

Telling your story, developing your value proposition, and answering the question “Why should donors give to you?” These are our goals in this phase. We help direct you to dig deeper into your mission, your distinctives, and the why behind your fundraising. Once we have the language, we test it out through a mini-campaign to see if your donors respond to it. This will bring in immediate money and the campaign usually runs for 30-45 days. Then there is the long-tail benefit of using the messaging we develop to raise money for years to come.


  • Develop compelling messaging that allows you to tell your story well.
  • Hit a specific fundraising goal. We will have a specific amount of money we want to raise for a specific project.
  • Acquire new donors. If we hit our fundraising goal but don’t acquire new donors in the process we will not have achieved all of our objectives.
  • Re-acquire lapsed donors.
  • Upgrade existing donors. We want to use the campaign as a forcing function that gets a donor whose previous high gift was $100 to now give $1,000. If we can get several of these, that gives your development team new people to engage with at a deeper level.
  • We want to use this campaign to begin transitioning the way your constituencies view your organization and what it means to give to you.
  • Identify and interview key donors to use for this campaign and possibly for your website and marketing materials going forward.

This process had proven over and over again to be a defining moment for our clients. It helps them forever communicate more effectively with donors.

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