1 on 1 or Group Coaching

You believe you have the capacity to do great things. You want to be a great leader and you want to be a great fundraiser, but you’re not sure you know how. You want to have great relationships with your donors and work with them to accomplish great things, but you’re not sure what it looks like practically to develop those kinds of relationships. Let us be your guide.

We know these mountains. We know these trails. Let us guide you. We want to help you raise more money than you ever thought possible by developing deeper and more meaningful relationships with your donors. And you will emerge from this journey a different person. Stronger. More confident. Transformed.

Coaching Basics:

  • Monthly Moves Management Meeting by Zoom
  • Rank & Review Prospect List, plan travel, Keep the most important names in front of you
  • Prepare for upcoming meetings to establish
    • 1. Best Possible Outcome
    • 2. Minimum Acceptable Outcome
    • “Script” meetings and determine the best Strategic Questions
  • Review recent visits, plan follow-up, modify strategy moving forward
  • Weekly email check-in with reports, accountability, and challenge questions
  • Email, Phone, and Text Support as needed (i.e. you have a meeting tomorrow and want to call me to prepare for your meeting that we did not prepare for on our monthly call, or you need a pep talk before your big meeting this afternoon)


  • Know how to identify top prospects from a list
  • Prioritize and track your most important fundraising activities
  • Be confident in planning and conducting donor meetings
  • Raise more money
  • Deeper, forward moving relationships

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