There are thousands and thousands of non-profit organizations.  And there are thousands and thousands of people tasked with the responsibility of fundraising.  Whatever the job title, the objective is raising the necessary funds to accomplish your important work.

Are you asking for transactional or transformational gifts?

Transactional gifts are easy.  They are given cerebrally.  You make a case.  The donor understands the need.  The contribution is given.

Transformational gifts are given emotionally.

Transformational gifts come about when you’ve asked the donor to do something above and beyond what they’ve ever thought about.  Transformational gifts come about by challenging and prodding and bringing the donor along on a great journey.

Soul Searching

Transformational gifts aren’t given in a moment.

They are “stop and think” gifts.  After you’ve made “the ask” the donor has to stop and think about it.  Some soul searching goes on.

Don’t just ask for transactional gifts.  Transformational gifts change lives, starting with the life of the donor.

Don’t know how to begin?  I’m a consultant to non-profit organizations.  I can provide coaching for a day or a week or even accompany your staff on a round of meetings.  Contact me to learn more.