The end of the year is coming. Maybe you’re looking over your list of donors at what they’ve done in year’s past that last week of December. Are you counting on those gifts this year?

You shouldn’t.

There’s a phrase I use all the time. I tell my clients:

You’ve got to get in the way of success.

If you just get out there, good things happen.

You see, success is flowing all around you. You just have to step into it.

That $10,000 donation that comes in the last week of December every year from Mr. Smith.

Don’t count on it.

If you are not sitting in the living room or the office of your donor there’s a good chance you’re not going to get the gift.

When the end of the year comes there’s a good chance they’ll make that gift to the other organization that actually met with them.

Or maybe they’ll just decide to take a vacation to the Keys.

You’ve got to be on the road as the end of the year approaches.

Every year as October 1 approaches you should clear your calendar and plan to be on the road as much as possible. Thanksgiving week is out. And the last two weeks of the year are out. And I’m sure you probably have some personal things going on that will keep you at home on certain dates.

There’s nothing more important at the office.

If it’s not Thanksgiving.

If it’s not Christmas.

If it’s not your kids’ birthday.

Be on the road. Be in front of your donors.

And when they’re looking at their checkbook that last week of the year… they’ll remember you.