For you to be the kind of fundraiser you want to be — you’ve got to put in the work. If you want to Level up as a fundraiser, you’re going to have to sweat a little. You’re going to have to spend time reading one of these books on your next flight instead of watching a movie. You should be enrolled in one of our virtual training programs. You should enroll in Peak Performance Fundraising. Go to to enroll in Peak Performance Fundraising and start your journey today.

In this episode Clark recommends loads of books. He also mentions a few podcast interviews. We have linked to most of those here.

You can learn more about Seth Godin by going to

Seth’s interview with Tim Ferriss:

Learn more about Brené Brown and her work:

Brené Brown TedTalk:

Brené Brown interview with Tim Ferriss:

The Starbucks Experience:

The New Gold Standard:

The Nordstrom Way:

Be Our Guest:


Trusted Advisor:

The Road Back to You:

5 Love Languages:

The Alchemist:

How to Think Like a Roman Emperor:

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