It’s another Masterclass inspired episode. In this episode, Clark Vandeventer shares some of his notes from Robin Arzón’s MasterClass on Mental Strength. Robin
Arzón is an exercise instructor and author, best known as an instructor at Peloton, for which she is also the Vice President of Fitness Programming.

Clark shares an incredible mental test he picked up from Robin for you to use whenever you hear yourself saying, “I don’t have time.”

Her JOY METRIC also inspired a twist on a mental exercise Clark has been doing for 20+ years.

Great quotes from Robin:

The pursuit of movement unlocks endorphins but the pursuit of movement also enables us to have a relationship with discomfort and discomfort becomes less scary. so when things get real like when a capital r in our lives we have these smaller less intense, hopefully less stress inducing moments where we rose above.  I believe that willpower and resiliency are also muscles worth exercising and they really go hand in hand so when you are willing to get uncomfortable physically you become tenacious mentally and I talk about ritualizing discomfort because we create a ritual around I’m going to go this distance today or I’m going to push this intensity today.”

“Pain will become power.”

Robin’s MasterClass:

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