Host Clark Vandeventer talks about SMART Goals:

SMART goals are a goal-setting technique that uses five benchmarks to help create concise goals and action steps:

  •  S is for Specific: Clearly define what you want to accomplish

  • M is for Measurable: Quantify your goals and build in milestones to make them easier to track

  • A is for Achievable: Consider if you have the resources to achieve your goal

  • R is for Relevant: Consider why you’re setting the goal and how it will improve your life or career

  •  T is for Time-bound: Set a firm schedule and stick to it

Episode inspired by the Masterclass on Creating Change, which also featured author Lewis Iwu. Malala and Iwu also discussed a great track to put your goals on that can be summed up in four words or phrases:

Four words

  1. Awareness

  2. Different Perspective

  3. Quick Win

  4. Big Policy Goal

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