By listening you build rapport. You build trust. This is important later on as it will alleviate tensions when you ask for a major contribution to your organization.

This site is designed for individuals and organizations that are meeting with donors and prospective donors.  It’s all about sitting in the living room of a donor or getting together over a meal.  I have no schemes or “get rich quick” tricks.  It’s all about personalization and meeting face to face.

I care about the donors I call on.  And when you care, you listen.

What happens when you don’t listen?

  • You dont learn anything about the prospect
  • You arent hearing any concerns because youre not probing
  • You wont uncover any giving clues
  • Your prospect is more likely to buy when he is talking than when you are
  • You wont understand that the donor is willing to invest in
  • You raise negative issues the prospect hadnt thought of
  • You dont allow the prospect to gain ownership.
  • You provide more opportunity for you to say something that the donor actually disagrees with!
  • You dominate the conversation instead of guiding it
  • You dont give yourself breathing room to think ahead
  • You dont put the spotlight on the prospect and give the donor center stage
Are you talking more than you should?
Looking for some training to help you and your organization be more effective when you’re calling on your donors?  I’ve been visiting donors and asking for contributions–big contributions–since 1999.  I’ve conducted more than 1,200 individual donor meetings.  I’d be honored to have the opportunity to help take your organization to the next level.