You were excited to get the meeting.  The donor you visited had been supporting the organization for a long time.  You put together a compelling proposal.  Sure, you were asking for more than the donor had ever given.  But this gift would allow the organization accomplish big, bold things.

But the donor turned down your request.

Here’s why you didn’t get the gift.

  1. Inadequate preparation. You didnt take the time to ask questions, to get to know your prospect. You thought you could wing it.
  2. YOU MADE ASSUMPTIONS. FALSE ASSUMPTIONS. You didnt ask your questions. You assumed their heart was in it. You felt no need to interpret, to sell the dream, to discuss the importance of their gift.
  3. Failure to probe. If you dont probe and actually seek out the objections, you have not even begun to ask.
  4. Poor Listening. You talked to much and listened too little. The person who asks the questions and listens influences the outcome, not the talker.
  5. You didnt listen.
  6. You talked about features, not benefits.
  7. You didnt ask. There is no wrong way to ask for a git.  Sure, there may be better ways. But theres no wrong way. Just ask.

The fact that you’re reading this post is an indication to me that you’re committed to your craft. If you’re really ready to level-up as a fundraiser, check out the Major Gifts Fundraiser Master Class.