Major Gifts Fundraiser Master Class

The Complete Solution to Get You Raising the Money You Need


Are you ready to level-up as a fundraiser?

Are you an Executive Director frustrated by not having enough money to do your work?


So many non-profits desperately need to bring in donations. Your cause is worthy and your mission is clear, but you can’t seem to ever get the money you need. You need to raise more money. An inspiring lecture on fundraising won’t do that. This course does.

We Can Help

Clark’s Major Gifts Fundraiser Master Class is a step-by-step guide to get you raising money like never before.

This course is a comprehensive approach. If you’ll take the content and the exercises seriously — if you’ll simply take the steps prescribed in this course — you will raise more money. Lots more money.

The process works. Period.

With each module,  you’ll have access to Clark’s acclaimed fundraising courses and one-on-one coaching where he’ll walk you through the exact steps you need to take to raise more money. You’re not simply enrolling in a course, you’re getting an outcome.

This is more than a course to get you thinking. It’s a course to get you doing.

Enrollment for our next session is now underway. Spots are limited. Contact us to reserve your spot.

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Why Training Matters

You have an important mission to accomplish with limited staff and resources. You need every staff member reaching their full potential, and you need to give them the tools and the training to do that. As your fundraising staff finds success and fulfillment in their work, you’ll also retain them longer. Retaining your fundraising staff longer also means more consistent and profitable relationships with your donors. Getting the proper training, having a consistent system with measurable benchmarks, and empowering your staff will take your organization to new heights.

This Master Class is that tool you have been looking for. Beyond feel-good lectures, we give you actionable and practical steps to take right now.


With Each Module You Will Get:


1. Online presentation covering the topic

2. Tasks and action steps assigned by Clark based on the presentation


3. Challenge Questions

4. Additional Resources


Class Curriculum


Module 1- Establishing a Culture of Donor Service

Your goal is that your donors will get more joy out of giving to you than they could get out of anything else they could do with their money. You want to provide an experience that makes all other organizations look pale in comparison. 

Module 2- Identifying, Ranking, Prioritizing Prospects

Who are your Top 20 Prospects? Your Top 10? Your Top 5? We’ll help you identify potentially overlooked prospects and then develop a keen focus on the the prospects most likely to give you big gifts by using our Prospect Evaluation Grid.

Module 3- The Points System and Planning Your Way to Success

We’ll discuss donor pipeline (Discovery, Cultivation, Solicitation, Stewardship) and the importance of constantly having all four of these types of meetings. We’ll also introduce the Moves Management Scorecard to measure your activities and virtually guarantee your success.

Module 4- 12 Steps to Getting Visits

The hardest part of getting the gift can be getting the visit. Clark’s 12 Steps to getting visits has helped organizations see a quadrupling of their success rate in getting visits.

Module  5- Understanding Listener Types & Crafting Tailored Messages

By using the Listener Preference Profile you’ll come to understand your own listening preferences, and recognize that you tend to speak in the same “language.” However, your donor may have a different listener preference and therefore be more inclined to hear in a different “language.” We’ll help you recognize listener preferences and tailor messaging to individual donors.

Module 6- Asking Strategic Questions & Listening the Gift

Before you can ever hope to successfully solicit a larger gift from your donor, you need to understand what’s important to them and what they’d be willing to invest in. You learn this not by talking but by listening. We’ll go through Clark’s list of his favorite Strategic Questions to get donors talking.

Module7- Preparing for and Scripting Meetings

How do you make sure you get everything you can out of every meeting? Clark will share with you how to script meetings and establish 1. Best Possible Outcome and 2. Minimum Acceptable Outcome.

Module 8- Creating Short & Long Term Moves Management Plans

Picture a donor to your organization with mega wealth. What could they do for your organization if they loved you? They could give a million dollars, chair the board, rally the entire community behind your cause. We’ll work backwards from this point and create Moves Management Plans for 6, 18, 24 months to 5+ years.

Module 9- Asking for the Gift

There comes a point in the relationship where it’s time to ask for the gift. The gift you want — the stand on their tiptoes gift you hope your donor will give — that will never happen until you actually make the ask. We’ll go through how to prepare for, script, and make an ask. 

Module 10- Closing the Gift & Dealing with Objections

Asking for Gifts isn’t enough. We need to close gifts. Clark will walk you through his 4 Magic Questions for closing gifts and some of his favorite strategies for dealing with objections.

Module 11- Stewardship and Consistency Theory

The best cultivation for a future gift is stewardship of a past gift. Make your job easy by providing great stewardship. We’ll discuss Consistency Theory, Assimilation and Contrast (when you fail to meet donors’ expectations) and how to always surpass donor expectations! 

Module 12- Moves Management Meeting

We’ll have a Moves Management Meeting — the vey kind you should be having with yourself on a regular basis. We’ll discuss what’s happening with the most important names on your list, review meetings from the past month and what follow-up needs to take place, and prepare for meetings in the month ahead.

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From some previous clients

Clark is my reliable go-to for major gifts coaching. He taught me the rudiments then showed me how they work in the field. I am doing what I love and doing it well thanks to Clark’s professional mentorship.

David Talbot

Assistant Director for Development, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

He knows how to manage people, he works very effectively with volunteers and board members, he knows every aspect of fundraising and operating a development office, and best of all— he loves asking for gifts. He’s a star.

Jerry Panas

Executive Parnter , Jerold Panas, Linzy, & Partners

What impresses me most about Clark Vandeventer is that he’s done this. He doesn’t just talk about fundraising. He’s been in over 1,000 living rooms actually talking with donors.

Bruce Eberle

Assistant Director for Development, Eberle Communications Group

This year, I invited Clark to provide training to my staff on the topic of fundraising in the context of developing relationships with friends of IWU. Clark did an excellent job and we have invited him back next spring!

Brian Simmons

Vice President, Indiana Wesleyan University

From Clark

Make Your Own Opportunities

Hi, I’m Clark Vandeventer. I’m here to help move your organization forward so that you can accomplish your mission. To do that, you need to raise money. There’s a fallacy that I need to address, though, and that’s that the strength of your program will drive good fundraising. Good programs don’t equal good fundraising. Good fundraising equals good fundraising. I’m here to help your organization put together a major donor program and navigate the process of working with major donors. I can train your entire team and get everyone working from the same playbook. Together, we can ensure you have the funds necessary to accomplish your important mission.

Schedule a free no-obligation call to discuss your current fundraising efforts with Clark. In the call you will discuss your development strategy, pain points organization. We will come up with a plan to move your organization forward and raise money like never before. You won’t regret it.