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We offer a lot of very helpful free resources. If you heard about it on the podcast, at a conference, or in an email, you can probably find it here. If you don’t see what you are looking for, or if there is a resource you would love to see us create, please fill out the request form.

10 Things About Great StoriesHow to tell compelling storiesDownload
10 Things That Happen When We Don’t ListenIt’s worse than you thinkDownload
10 Traits of Trusted AdvisorsHow to go from fundraiser to trusted advisorDownload
12 Steps to Getting a VisitIncrease your “close ratio” on the ask for the visitDownload
13 Tips for Making a PitchMaking a compelling case without wasting wordsDownload
7 Thank You’s After the First Gift-ExampleHere are 7 easy touches to implement to help ensure they make a 2nd gift.Download
Clark’s Strategic QuestionsGreat questions to discover the heart of your donorDownload
D.E.W. -Donor Evaluation WorksheetKnow who your top prospects are.Download
How to Earn PointsThe Points System for tracking fundraising activitiesDownload
Listener Preference Clues & TipsHow to identify and communicate with different listening typesDownload
Listener Preference ProfileTake the Assessment to Discover your own listening preferenceDownload
Major Donor CluesHow to spot potential major donors within your fileDownload
Moves Management Plan WorksheetCreating Short Term and Long Term Moves Management PlansDownload
Pre-Visit ChecklistDo these things before every visit to get the most out of every meetingDownload
Stewardship Basics ScorecardTake the MGF Assessment to see where your organization standsDownload
Visit Report TemplateEverything you need to write a good donor meeting reportDownload
Ways to Thank & Steward a DonorQuiver of ways to get you thinking about how to thank you donorsDownload
Writing a Thank You LetterThings to keep in mind when writing a thank you letterDownload

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Please let us know which resource we are missing here. Or tell us your idea for a new helpful resource. We love creating helpful stuff.

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